Posted on Mar 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

My precocious 3-year-old, “Bobo,” has been asking a lot of questions lately about the happenings in Haiti.  It all started when we were watching the news the other day, and she saw a brief segment featuring the devastation that is the reality for the people of Haiti.

Later, my husband and I got to talking about ways to support the recovery efforts, and the seemingly small contribution we could make.  Like many people, we’ve donated to charity to support the ongoing efforts.  And, in my personal case, I’ll rather ashamedly admit that once the donations were made, I carried on with the busy day-to-day life of career, kid-raising and living in my nice comfy home… thoughts of Haiti pushed aside until the news and my preschooler brought them glaringly back to my attention again.  While the budget we set aside for charitable donations is, unfortunately, with limit, what I do have to offer is time (after the munchkins retire for the evening), and a somewhat debatable amount of artistic talent and ideas.

Which brings my ramblings to somewhat of a point:  While clicking around on the internet today, I stumbled upon a link on the UNICEF (United Nations Childrens’ Fund) website where they are matching dollar-for-dollar any donations made between now and midnight on March 31, 2010.  If you’ve been considering buying custom artwork for your nursery or child’s room, or are looking for a unique baby gift for an expectant parent, now is the perfect time to act.  I know this is really short notice, folks, but here’s the meager deal I’d like to offer up.

Between now and March 31, 2010, I will donate 75% of the purchase price of any orders placed through Bobo’s Room to UNICEF (the remaining 25% is what I’ve calculated will help cover my supplies, PayPal fees, handling materials, etc).  With UNICEF’s dollar-for-dollar matching, this means that the equivalent of 150% of anything you purchase will be donated to a worthy cause to help support children in Haiti and other places worldwide.  Custom 8×10″ pieces start at just $35, so this is an affordable way to purchase unique artwork for yourself or as a gift, while helping others in need.

Not sure what to get, or are looking to buy for someone else?  Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination, and are valid one year from the date of purchase.  Simply contact me via the website to get things started.

Idea inspired by Bobo, who (bless her heart) simply can’t comprehend that any child would have to go without My Little Ponies, food, clothing, or a warm bed to snuggle in.