Posted on Jun 5, 2010 in Giveaways

I should have seen it coming.  I have problems merely picking out what I’m going to wear each day, so I should have known I’d have a tough time picking a winner for this month’s giveaway.

Let me just say, there were several great ideas and comments that were inspiring for me as an artist.  And I especially loved the comment about the “Bobo’s Room cheer”; that would have made my day to hear that one.

I ended up choosing Rachel (sweetpea08) as the winner of a 16×20″ custom piece of artwork.  Rachel asked for a sports-themed painting, and since I’ve never done artwork along those lines, it seemed like a fun new project.  Also, since I am a sports widow every Sunday (and sometimes Monday and Thursday; to say my husband is a sports fanatic would be the understatement of the year), I have plenty of good fodder for this one.  Rachel, I’ll be contacting you to get the ball rolling.

Thanks to all those that entered this month’s contest!  If you’d like to be informed about future contests, or to receive updates with other inspirational ideas for decorating your little one’s room, please feel free to sign up for our RSS feed.