Posted on Jun 24, 2011 in Floral, Sugar and Spice

Usually, I work alone.  Just me, my brushes and my easel, painting away after the kids have gone down for bed.

But sometimes, I have a helper.

A tiny, tiny helper.  Who thinks it’s pretty cool that she gets to assist mom sometimes with her work.

I did this painting for my new niece, Berkley, awhile back.  My five year-old happened to be at home that day, and was pretty intrigued with what I was doing.  And since it was a painting for her new baby cousin, I thought it would be special if she helped.  So the outside border became her area to work on.

We did get a couple of smudges on the inside.  But the nice thing about acrylic is that mistakes can be easily covered up and painted over.  So we ended up with a few extra, unplanned dots around the flowers.

But, personally, I think those make the painting.

And, of course she got to sign it as well (albeit a little larger than intended).  After all, what kind of painting would be complete without the artists’ initials at the bottom?