The Story of Bobo’s Room

I have been doing custom nursery artwork since early 2006.  While searching for artwork for my daughter’s room, I was disappointed with the lack of options available, so I created my own.  Several years and another rugrat later, I still enjoy creating one-of-a-kind art that you can hang proudly in your child’s room.

I love the process of creating something truly unique, personalized and meaningful for your little one’s room.  I’d love to hear from you to collaborate on your own custom work of art.

It All Began with the Nickname…

As soon as the ultrasound confirmed “It’s a Girl,” my husband and I embarked on the great name search.  While poring over a name book one afternoon, my husband suggested the name “Bodacia”.  We both giggled at the name, and from that moment on, the little kicker swimming around in Momma’s belly was affectionately called “Bobo” (For those curious, since her birth, the nickname “Bobo” has stuck but we, sadly, went with a different first name).

Once the nickname was coined, we set to work decorating the nursery. Pink and green it was! We had our checklist all ready:

Nursery painted?  Check.
Crib assembled and decorated?  Check.
Diapeys stocked?  Check.
Walls?  Oops.  Blank.

I found the perfect crib bedding, but my search for equally perfect, coordinating artwork proved fruitless.  I combed the internet, but found the choices to be the wrong color, too cutesy, too feminine, not feminine enough…

I also wanted to inject some of my own interests and personality into the nursery.  I was a foreign languages major in college and have always loved art, so I began sketching out some ideas for some French inspired animal art.  My husband collaborated with me in picking out the animals and the colors, and then we were off.  When the paint was dry and the canvases hung, we stood back and looked.

Bobo’s room was complete.

About Me

Bobo’s Room is one of several pet projects I’ve got my hands in.  You can read more about them at Booyah’s Momma.

And, Yes, Even More About Me…

Well, okay, my kids, mainly.

My inspiration comes from the two little munchkins I am proud to say I had a hand in making, Chip and Bobo.  Raising two kids, while holding down a full time career and side business is an adventure, to say the least.  These stories provide a glimpse into the antics, joy and occasional insanity that we’ve discovered come with parenthood.